DAB Welcomed West Remarks Solving Afghan Banking Issues

KABUL (BNA) The central bank on Wednesday welcomed recent remarks by Thomas West, the US special envoy for Afghanistan, on resolving banking sector issues.

The US special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, met with a number of Afghan businessmen earlier in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and pledge to help resolve the Afghan Banking sector issues.

Da Afghanistan Bank appreciated Mr. West’s initiative and goodwill in resolving banking issues and removing restrictions on Afghanistan’s banking sector and thanked the international community. In particular, DAB called on the US to engage with Afghanistan in other sectors. Said in a statement.

Da Afghanistan Bank, as a banking sector supervisor and legislator, has assured the people of the country that it will work with its domestic and foreign partners in every possible way to address the challenges facing the country’s banking sector.

Since the Islamic Emirate regain sovereignty in the country, nearly 10 billion of Afghanistan’s reserves have been frozen in US and European banks and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this money as the property of the Afghan people and called on the world to release the assets.


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