Taliban Police Chief for Darah Suf Bala and His Ten Fighters Killed in Balkhab

Local sources in Balkhab district of Sar-e Pol province have reported that the Taliban Police Chief for Darah Suf Bala along with his ten fighters are killed in an ambush by Mawlawi Mehdi’s forces in Balkhab district.

According to sources, after the Taliban suffered casualties on the Glorz line, the Taliban’s Police Chief fighters for the district rushed to reinforce the defeated line that they were trapped by Commander Mehdi’s forces in the Chaharde area.

As a result of this ambush, the Taliban Police Chief for Darah Suf Bala is killed along with the ten fighters under his command.

Meanwhile, sources further report that the Taliban have cut off the antennas of telecommunication networks in Balkhab district this afternoon.

On the other hand, the Taliban group has blocked the food supply routes to residents of the Balkhab district.

It is said that clashes are currently ongoing in some parts of the district.

Commander Mehdi was the only Hazara ethnic affiliated Talib member who was recently expelled from his post as Provincial Intelligence Chief for Bamyan. To resist his rights, he has formed a resistance group in his home district, Balkhab. In order to punish him, the Taliban have deployed thousands of forces to this district and do not hesitate to use any tactic for making him surrender or kill him.

The conflicts in Balkhab is more of an internal issue of the Taliban with the group’s own commander who has fought for several years in favor of the Taliban, but now the innocent civilian and residents in Balkhab have to pay the price of the internal conflicts of Taliban.

Since August 2021 when the rebels seized power, opposing the people and violation of human rights have been the only achievements recorded in their profile of ten months of the ruling.

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