Clashes Between Tajik and Pashtun Taliban in Bamyan

Sources in Bamyan province have reported that clashes escalated between Pashtun and Tajik Taliban-affiliated members at around 11:00am Friday during a sport match at the Rohullah Nikpai Gymnasium in the new city of Bamyan province.

According to sources, the Pashtun and Tajik Taliban opened fire on each other, which disrupted the sport tournament and the athletes and spectators left the gymnasium.

The motive behind the clashes is not yet clear, and no casualties have been reported as a result of the incident.

Local Taliban members in Bamyan have not commented on the incident.

However, a source speaking on the condition of anonymity told Hasht-e Subh that the Pashtun Taliban have disqualified a number of Tajik Taliban from the group in Bamyan province for the past two weeks.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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