Heavy Snowfall in North-East Afghanistan Kills Twelve Children

Twelve children and hundreds of livestock were killed on Wednesday night due to a heavy snowfall in the north-eastern province of Afghanistan, Kunar, according to the local Taliban officials.

In order to assist those in need, officials claim that emergency and medical teams have been sent to the site, according to Bakhtar state news agency.

The incident has happened in the Dara-e-Gul district of Kunar province, on Wednesday night, when the northern provinces of Afghanistan experienced a heavy snowfall, in summer.

According to Qari Khair Mohammad Ghazi, the provincial Director of Disaster Management in the Laghman province, rescue teams have been dispatched to the area to save people who are trapped in the snow.

Eight family members were killed and three others injured, according to local sources in Kunar province, when a roof collapsed as a result of heavy snowfall.

Further information regarding the incident is not provided by Taliban officials or the state news agency Bakhtar.

Previously, locals in the Bamyan province of central Afghanistan expressed concern that heavy snowfall at this time of year would endanger livestock and harm crop yields.

The loss of lives in Kunar province comes as a high magnitude earthquake stuck Afghanistan’s Paktika and Khost provinces leaving over 2,500 killed and injured.

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