Travel Exemption for IEA Leaders Need to be Extend

KABUL (BNA) The United States plans to assess the issue of travel exemptions for the leaders of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Exemption for travel of Islamic Emirate leaders will end in another day, and the UN Security Council is outline to decide on extending the exemption for travel of Islamic Emirate leaders.

“The United States is pondering extending the travel exemption of Islamic Emirate leaders, and is evaluating new sanctions on the Emirate officials’ travels,” Foreign Policy magazine reported.

Sanctions on travel by Islamic Emirate officials in 2019 were temporarily lifted by former US President Donald Trump to pave the ground for peace talks between the United States and the Islamic Emirate.

Sanctions on travel by Islamic Emirate officials have been imposed by the United Nations and the State Department for several years.

“The United States is embroiled in an internal debate over extending travel disclaimers for Taliban officials under Trump, allowing Taliban leaders to travel outside Afghanistan,” according to Foreign Policy magazine.

A number of State Department and National Security Council officials believe the sanctions should be re-imposed; “Because there is no real progress in reducing the oppression of women and girls, establishing a comprehensive government and respecting human rights.”The magazine went on to saying.

A number of other international institutions share this view, while a large number of countries believe that the continuation of sanctions on the travels of Islamic Emirate officials is a major obstacle to beneficial interaction and dialogue between Afghanistan and the international community.

They emphasize that such sanctions should be lifted so that the logic of dialogue replaces the deliberate plans aimed at isolating the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.

In the past, the United States, in cooperation with a number of countries, has sought to maintain pressure on the Islamic Emirate by imposing sanctions on Afghanistan.

The imposition of sanctions on the Islamic Emirate has complicated the economic situation and trade activities in Afghanistan in various ways.

From the point of view of the Islamic Emirate and peace-loving countries that are trying to solve the existing problem across the Islamic Emirate and the international community through dialogue and communication, pressure can not be the solution.

The deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Bilal Karimi says, “Prescriptions of pressure have not had a positive effect in the last decades, and I believe that the international community understands this, and we want issues to be resolved through interaction,”

The continuation of sanctions on Afghanistan in any sector has no consequences other than distancing and isolating Afghanistan, while reducing the problems against the Islamic Emirate and adopting the logic of dialogue can pave the way for greater understanding.

Barely as a number of countries in the world have words addressed to the Islamic Emirate, the Islamic Emirate in turn has words that others should hear, a right and a vision that sometimes needs to be respected by the international community.


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