NRF Demands Answer From Taliban on Exchange of Prisoners

The National Resistance Front (NRF) issued a newsletter on Saturday (June 18th) calling on the Taliban to exchange prisoners.

The front has said it is ready to allow prisoners of war to return to their families.

The statement said that the message has also been delivered to Taliban leaders and that the front had asked the Red Cross to facilitate and monitor the process.

The NRF has warned that any attempt to resolve the issue militarily would endanger the lives of the captives.

The front states that prisoners are treated based on the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners and the Islamic principles and obligations, and their needs are met.

It is not yet clear how many Taliban members are being held captive and how many fighters of the NRF are being held by the Taliban.

The NRF recently said it had captured several Taliban fighters, including its commanders, after a helicopter belonging to the Taliban shot down in Panjshir.

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