Multiple Blasts Hit Hindu Sect Temple in Kabul

Five consecutive blasts are reported in Kabul, targeting the Sikh-Hindu temple.

According to sources, these consecutive explosions took place this Saturday morning at around 7:15am in Karte Parwan area, 2nd district of Kabul.

The local sources have reported the ongoing clashes between the attackers and the Taliban fighters after the blasts at the premises of the temple.

A reliable source says that seven Islamic State of Khurasan Province (ISKP) suicide bombers, equipped with suicide vests and weapons, entered the temple and clashed with the Taliban.

According to the source, five of them exploded themselves on the spot and the two others of them are fighting the Taliban fighters.

No casualties by the Taliban have been reported so far, but locals say that they have witnessed the dead bodies and wounded Taliban fighters on the ground.

However, it is reported that two Hindu sect residents are injured in these explosions.

The Taliban Interior Ministry also confirms the blasts, saying that the attackers are surrounded by the Taliban fighters.

It is said that the Taliban have blocked the area and do not allow pedestrians to pass.

In recent days, suicide attacks have increased in the country and ISIS-K has been claiming the responsibility for the attacks.

These attacks and explosions happen at a time; while, the Taliban has constantly claimed to have full control of the country and has rejected the presence of ISIS-K in Afghanistan.

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