Afghanistan has become safe haven of terrorists: Ahmad Massoud

Leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, Ahmad Massoud, in an interview with “Al Arabiya” stated that Taliban have made Afghanistan and the region insecure.

He added that he told the Taliban not to gain the power by force, assuming the power is easy, but its maintenance and management is difficult.

Massoud reiterated that the Taliban’s corruption in past nine months is the equivalent of corruption in past 20 years.

Leader of NRF added that they do not recognize the government of Taliban, because they have not gained their legitimacy from people.

Massoud believes that Taliban have been “shocked” of activists of NRF forces, additionally they are facing other groups inside their government.

He added that political figures in exile are not satisfied with the Taliban’s deeds, touring has become a routine issue, and arbitrary execution continues.

Mr. Massoud said that they are trying for establishing an Islamic government and living in peace with others. People in need in Afghanistan are bearing the brunt of Taliban’s corruption, which had led to soar in prices of food.

He referring to holding a “Loya Jirga” said that they want a representative government which is the result of a transparent election.

He also added they will stop war if Taliban accept talks.

He said that the world may not interrupt, but the Taliban imposed situation will reach everywhere.

The news comes as fighting continues in northern provinces, specially in Panjshir, and it seems that province has become a serious problem for Taliban.

Most recently NRF forces claimed that they shot down a helicopter of Taliban in Arezo valley, Panjshir.

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