Russia will not follow the US in recognizing Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) Russia’s special envoy to Afghanistan has said that his country is not following the West in recognizing the current government in Afghanistan, adding that it may recognize the government of the Islamic Emirate.

BNA analyst:  Zamir Kabulov, Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special envoy to Afghanistan, said: “We may recognize the Islamic Emirate interim government in Afghanistan and send grain to this country to prevent a famine crisis.”

Kabulov’s statement is a clear answer to those American adventures that want to impose their will and views on other countries.

The United States, by freezing the assets of Afghanistan and imposing other sanctions on the Islamic Emirate, explicitly asked the countries of the world not to recognize the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, showing that the country wants to impose its will and views on others.

The United Stated By promoting the dollar as a global currency and running large global economic institutions such as the World Bank can easily threaten any country with sanctions.

Since the Islamic Emirate regains power across Afghanistan, a large number of countries have entered into interaction with the new administration in Afghanistan, and the embassies of a number of countries are active in Kabul, and high-ranking delegations of the Islamic Emirate have traveled abroad.

Many high-ranking countries and international institutions have come to Kabul, but the issue of recognizing the Islamic Emirate is still unclear, but this situation will not last long because the countries of the world are pursuing their own interests.

Islamic Emirate officials have repeatedly said that the world agrees with the Islamic Emirate and that the Islamic Emirate will soon be recognized in Afghanistan.

The United States has made the issue of recognizing the Islamic Emirate conditional on special conditions and demands, including the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan while failing to define such a government in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate stresses that such a government is running in Afghanistan, and if the US and Western countries talk about forming an inclusive government, as in the past, altering their nuts, this is no longer applicable in Afghanistan.

10 months after the regeneration of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, although no country has recognized it, time is in the interest of the Islamic Emirate, and the interaction and concealment of a large number of countries promise to keep the program isolated.

Afghanistan will never fall again, and countries will no longer pursue their own interests in Afghanistan, not in the interests and dictates of the United States.

Such an approach among countries can be seen in the recent remarks of President Putin’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, there are many countries that are no longer willing to follow the United States in international affairs and gamble in the interests of the United States.

Afghanistan has gained its sovereignty, and will never fall again, a fact the United States must accept.


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