Flash Floods Cause Financial Losses in Badakhshan

FAYZABAD (BNA): Local officials in Badakhshan say that recent flash floods have caused huge financial damages in Zebak district of the province.

Development Council head of Zebak district, Fazal Ahmad Faizi told BNA that Gul Khana, Dand, Dasht-e-Khan, Now Abad, and Khalkhan villages of the district were hit by floods triggered by heavy rainfalls in the area.

The floods damaged 44 hectares of farmland, fields, 8 houses, irrigation ditches, swept away 24 sheep, and a road that connects two villages, he said.

Badakhshan natural disaster management authority head and provincial agricultural director, Qari Qutbuddin Dahnavi, and representatives of aid organizations visited the flood-affected areas to survey the damages.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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