WHO Called for Promotion of Blood Donation Culture in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Public Health, in association with the World Health Organization, celebrated ‘World Blood Donor Day with the slogan “Solidarity.”

According to a BNA reporter, a ceremony held on the occasion at the Ministry of Public Health on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 speakers stressed the need and importance of blood donation and called on people to take part in blood collection campaigns.

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ghiasi, Deputy Minister of Planning and Policy of the Ministry of Public Health Appreciating the cooperation of the World Health Organization with the Ministry of Public Health, said that Afghanistan needs more support and assistance from international organizations in the sector of blood collection.

During the ceremony, Dr. Mohammad Nasser Sadeeq, Head of the National Blood Bank, says that during the 1400 solar year, 138,629 units (about 69 million cc) of blood were collected and 9,895 units of blood were distributed to the needy.

According to him, during the last year, 9,153 positive cases of HIV, black jaundice, and other incurable diseases have been registered.

The head of the National Blood Bank called on the people to respond positively to their request to donate blood to the needy and to participate in blood donation campaigns.

Among the speakers, Dr. Ahmad Syir Pasoon, head of Therapeutic Medicine, called on the private sector to invest in the institutions of blood banks.

Dr. Safiullah Nadeem, a representative of the World Health Organization, said at the ceremony that access to blood is very low in less developed countries and therefore patients in need of blood in these countries are more at risk.

Another representative of the WHO says that the culture of blood donation in Afghanistan is feeble and people are still afraid of blood donation

The representatives of the World Health Organization called on the government, and in particular, the Ministry of Public Health, to promote and strengthen the culture of blood donation among the people of Afghanistan by launching awareness campaigns.

The World Health Organization designated June 14, 2005, as ‘World Blood Donor Day to mark the anniversary of the birth of Karl Landsteiner, the discoverer of blood groups.

This day is celebrated every year around the world by holding ceremonies and launching awareness campaigns.

Health experts say that donating blood to patients has no health harm to the donor, and donating every drop of blood can save a human life.


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