Russia is Ready to Invest in Afghanistan Energy Production

KABUL (BNA) A Russian head of Energy Company Groups Khemis Makhyanov, on Monday met with Mawlavi Arefullah Aref, Deputy Minister of Energy and Water, to discuss terms of investments in Afghanistan’s energy production sector.

The Ministry of Energy and Water proclaimed in a press release on Monday that a meeting was held between the Russian head of the Energy company and the deputy minister of Energy and Water.

The head of the group of Russian energy companies has asserted interest in investing in the implementation of energy production projects from coal and other energy sources in Afghanistan said in a statement by the Ministry.

Deputy Aref praised the interest of Russian energy companies in investing in Afghanistan and stressed the need for greater coordination and the start of practical measures for cooperation.

According to another news; the representative of the Turkish company (Emin Electricity) in a meeting with Mawlawi Arefullah Aref, Deputy Minister of Energy affirmed interest in investing in energy production projects in Afghanistan and called for the cooperation of the ministry to provide facilities.

Officials at the Ministry of Water and Energy say that attracting investment to generate energy in Afghanistan is one of the Ministry of Water’s top priorities and that the ministry’s administration has recently launched several programs to attract national and international investors.


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