India considers reopening diplomatic missions in Afghanistan

The Indian government is close to a decision on resuming a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan though the move will not amount to a recognition of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regime in Kabul, Indian media reported Wednesday. 
The issue of India reopening its embassy in Kabul was discussed at meetings last week during JP Singh, the special envoy to Afghanistan’s visit to Kabul. 
The Hindustan  Times reported New Delhi is looking at the possibility of posting a very limited number of junior officials, mainly to oversee consular matters and the distribution of humanitarian aid. 
India pulled out all its officials from its embassy in Kabul after the former government collapsed in August last year. 
Some local Afghan staff are currently responsible for the upkeep of the mission.
Sameer Patil, a senior fellow at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), told the Hindustan Times that all the factors had led to the recognition of the “harsh reality that Afghanistan under the Taliban (IEA) will be a long haul”. 
He said: “It is not in India’s interest to overlook this reality for two reasons – every other regional player has evolved a working relationship with the Taliban (IEA), and the need of the Afghan people for humanitarian aid.”The post India considers reopening diplomatic missions in Afghanistan first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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