Many Afghan personalities Returned Back Home

KABUL (BNA) War-torn Afghanistan needs to be rebuilt, and it is the Afghans who must build it, and for this goal to achieve, its personalities who live abroad must return to the country.

BNA analyst; Afghanistan is in dire need of development and reconstruction after the war, it is the Afghans who are doomed to rebuild their country, and in the process of development and reconstruction, Afghans need to return to Afghanistan and take part in the sacred cause of reconstruction.

The process of reconstruction and development in the country is an important and defined matter for the Islamic Emirate, and it is the Afghans that every Afghan should take part in, regardless of their level of knowledge, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation, and regardless of their political views. They have responsibilities and obligations in this regard that they must fulfill.

The Islamic Emirate, as the administrator and coordinator of the process, has tasks that it must carry out, and the establishment of a commission to communicate Afghan personalities abroad has been aimed at this. In recent days, a number of experts as well as a number of high-ranking officials Previously accepted the request of the commission and returned to the country.

The return of a number of Afghan professionals to the country shows that the trust and confidence of Afghans living abroad in the commission have increased, and this has led the commission to work with Afghan figures in the first months of its work. One of the deputies of the Ministry of Transport, eight of the academic staff, and a number of former military officials are among those who have returned to the country. They will return to the country soon.

The fact is that with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, efforts were made, which were mostly rooted abroad, in which the specialized and educated people of Afghanistan were given different names and more in the name that their security was in danger. The evacuated country was promised a lot at the beginning, but eventually many of the Afghans who were evacuated in the name of evacuation are now in dire straits outside Afghanistan and in a third country.

By doing so, foreigners sought to plunge Afghanistan into a crisis of labor shortages, including specialists, and physical labor, by fleeing the brains, talents, and workforce.

However, the Islamic Emirate is aware of the torturous intentions of the organizers of such an abnormal program, and by creating a commission to contact Afghan personalities, on the one hand, it is trying to bring back the skilled labor force and, on the other hand, the Afghans who are being evacuated. Have been dragged out of Afghanistan with no fate, to return to the country and save their lives in exile.


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