2,000 People Arrested Over Past Month in Kabul: MoI

KABUL (BNA) The interior ministry on Sunday during a press conference says it has made significant improvements in the past month in fighting against crime and drugs across the country.

A spokesman for the ministry of Interior, Abdul Nafee Takwar, told the media on Sunday that more than 2,000 people had been arrested in the capital Kabul alone last month in connection with various crimes, some of whom had been referred to the judiciary after investigations.

He also said that during this time they have foiled a number of destructive and terrorist incidents.

In the last month, 859 criminal cases have been registered, 469 cases have been detected and others are under investigation, he added.

At the same time, a total of 470 different types of weapons, 25 anti-vehicle mines, 10,400 different types of ammunition, 309 boxes of ammunition, 9 vehicles, 2 Stinger missiles, and 24 radios were seized by the forces of the Ministry of Interior.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry also said that six people had been arrested in the past month on various charges, four kidnappers had been killed in clashes with security forces and four others had been captured alive.

The spokesman during the press conference said that 12 people were rescued from the clutches of the kidnappers and handed over to their families, adding that 15 missing vehicles were also found by the security forces and handed over to their owners.

Takwar said that the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has had a number of achievements in the past month in the fight against narcotics, including 287 special operations were carried out in which 390 drug traffickers were arrested for carrying 20kg of morphine, 56kg of amphetamine, more than 2,000kg of opium, 3000kg of hashish, 130kg of heroin, 300liters of alcohol, 4,700 tablets of K, 33 vehicles and many other items seized by the security forces.

Since the Islamic Emirate Came to power, 27,000 drug addicts have been taken to health facilities for treatment.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that dozens of people are currently studying for master’s and bachelor’s degrees at the ANP Academy, as well as police training centers in ten provinces, which have been under the control of the Islamic Emirate. Since then, 35,000 security forces have received vocational training, and another 2,000 are currently undergoing vocational training.

It must not be forgotten that he also assured the distribution of uniforms to the security forces and said that all the work of providing uniforms to the security forces is nearing completion and first of all the security forces of Kabul and Kandahar will wear specific uniforms.

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