Fuel Deficits in US push Biden to Gulf

KABUL (BNA) The rise in US oil prices will carry Biden to Saudi Arabia, the White House said, adding that Biden is supposing a trip to the Persian Gulf to meet with GCC leaders, including Saudi Arabia. Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and the UAE.

The White House inscribed that Biden will also meet with the leaders of Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan during his trip to the Middle East.

In the Middle East, the US President will meet with Saudi Arabia’s successor prince Mohammed bin Salman, as well as with the Israeli Prime Minister, the report said.

The trip is aimed at boosting ties with Saudi Arabia as the Biden administration seeks to find ways to reduce fuel prices in the United States.

Reuters added that following the assassination of Washington Post correspondent Jamal Khashoggi who according to the US intelligence service was confirmed by Bin Salman, Joe Biden promised the White House in January 2021 to reconsider Washington’s relations with Gulf.


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