Establishment Of An Agricultural Bank in Afghanistan In The Near Future

Officials at the National Development Corporation say an
agricultural bank will be set up to improve Afghanistan’s agricultural sector.

Abdul Rahman Atash, head of the National Development Corporation,
during a meeting with Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, Deputy Prime Minister in political
affairs, announced the expansion of agricultural exports to neighboring
countries in the near future.

He stated in this meeting that an agricultural bank will be
established for progress and development of agriculture sector.

Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesman for the Islamic
Emirate, announced that the logistics management of the Qushtepah project was
going well and that the project would be completed ahead of schedule.

The Qushtepah irrigationa canal is one of the largest development projects in Afghanistan, with the completion of which thousands of hectares of land will be regularly irrigated and will provide job opportunities for thousands of people.

Source: Wadsam

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