NRF: Taliban Deploys Fresh Armed Fighters in Badakhshan

In a statement, the National Resistance Front (NRF) has said that dozens of new armed fighters from different Pashtun-dominated provinces have been deployed in the districts of Baharak, Ishkashim, Wadi Shiva, and border areas with Tajikistan in Badakhshan province.

According to NRF’s statement, the purpose of this new deployment to Badakhshan is to usurp pastures in Wadi Shiva, detain and suppress critics and opponents of the Taliban regime. Also to destabilize the border areas of neighboring countries and cooperate with terrorist groups in the central Asia regions.

“Recently, the Taliban leadership has sent a letter to the group’s members in the province in order to cooperate in relocating these new armed forces in Wadi Shiva district,” the statement further added.

Currently, the Taliban has destroyed a measurable part of Wadi Shiva district, the largest pastures in Badakhshan due to illegal gold mining.

Recently, the Taliban group has also mobilized 500 fighters from Deh Rawood district of Urozgan province to deploy them to Panjshir for fighting against NRF.

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