Cash Aid-Based Transferred to Afghanistan Reached Nearly $900m

KABUL (BNA) Nearly $900 million cash aid-based transferred to Afghanistan said officials at Da Afghanistan Bank on Wednesday.

Mohammad Saber Momand, a spokesman for Da Afghanistan Bank, said: ” In series of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, 30 cash packages have reached the country so far, totaling $889 million and 600 thousand US dollars.”

Momand said While appreciating the humanitarian aid, Da Afghanistan Bank calls on the international community to engage, cooperate and assist the Afghan people in other sectors of the community.

Delivering humanitarian aid via the banking sector creates transparency and facilitates the delivery of aid to the people.

He stressed that the entrance of foreign currency in the form of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan has a significant impact on the “Afghan” exchange rate and how its value stabilizes.

Earlier, the Bank had auctioned $12.5 million to devalue the dollar against the Afghani, and now one US dollar is being traded for 88,85 Afghanis in the country’s markets.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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