Fighting Monkeypox Disease Ability is Less in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) Sources in Nimroz in the west of the country said on Saturday that two suspected cases of monkeypox disease have been recorded in the province.

Health officials in Nimroz province, while recording two suspected cases of monkeypox in the province, report that there are no facilities to treat the disease, which has just spread in some parts of the world.

Although the Ministry of Public Health has not yet confirmed the occurrence of monkeypox in Nimroz and other parts of the country, the World Health Organization has not included all of Afghanistan in the list of countries where the outbreak is suspected, except for two suspected cases.

Monkeypox and the fact that there are no facilities to prevent it in Nimroz and probably the whole country can be a warning sign.

Officials in Nimroz province say two people alleged of having monkeypox, including Afghan migrants who have just been deported from Iran and registered in Nimroz, have been tested at the Covid19 Provincial Hospital of Nimroz.

Sources at Nimroz Provincial Hospital said that based on the characteristics of the disease, they had determined that the patients might have contracted monkeypox.

Medics at Nimroz Hospital expressed concern that if these two people have monkeypox, there is no possibility for them.

Thousands of Afghan refugees are being deported from Iran every day, and some of them are suffering from infectious diseases.

Coronary heart disease was also observed for the first time in Afghanistan in the presence of a person who came to Afghanistan from Iran.

Iranian border officials keep thousands of Afghans seeking deportation to Afghanistan in cramped conditions for days, where health issues are not strictly observed, in such a climate and prevalence situation.

Officials at the Ministry of Public Health have not confirmed the positive cases of monkeypox in Nimroz and have said they will send a delegation to the province to investigate the allegations.

The World Health Organization says that the smallpox virus disease is controllable and the risk of spreading it widely is low. Since May 7, 131 cases of the virus have been confirmed worldwide, and another 106 suspected cases are in European countries.

Most people infected with the monkeypox virus have a disease that is characterized by fever, headache, back pain, muscle aches, and smallpox on the skin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not listed Afghanistan as a country where monkeypox can spread.

Although the outbreak is unlikely in Afghanistan unless medics in Nimroz say they do not have the means to deal with, prevent and treat the disease, it could indicate similar problems in other provinces, even in Kabul.

Positivemonkey pox is accurate in Nimroz as a possibility or a suspicious event, unless the health institutions are prepared to deal with the possible outbreak of the disease, the pain should be treated beforehand, recording two suspicious events at Nimroz is a sign of warning that should be prepared for it.


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