Kabul Airport Customs Revenue Reach 430mn Afghanis

The customs office of Kabul International Airport announced that the office had earned more than 430 million Afghanis in the past eight months.

“We have set up a center at Kabul Airport to provide
the necessary facilities for traders and international organizations,”
said Ahmad Zia Masoumi, deputy director of customs at Kabul Airport.

The customs office of Kabul International Airport also added that with the signing of a contract for the regulation and management of the country’s airports with the UAE’s GAAC Solutions company, the import of commodities would increase.

Officials at Kabul Airport customs say the reducing number
of international flights to the country is a major problem at the moment.

Since August 2021, the international community has halted
its cooperation and funding for Afghanistan, and the only source of revenue in
the country is customs revenue.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan’s customs
revenue will reach 187 billion Afghanis by the end of 1401 solar year.

Source: Wadsam

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