EU Ambassadors Call on the Taliban to Remove Restrictions on Women

The European Union ambassadors and a number of representatives of other countries held a virtual meeting about Afghanistan to discuss the country’s political, economic, and social challenges, specifically, the recently imposed restrictions on female anchors by the Taliban.

In a tweet, the EU ambassador for Afghanistan has said that the meeting also discussed finding a safe way to help the people of Afghanistan.

On May 21, the Taliban’s Ministry of Vice and Virtue ordered all women television presenters to cover their faces, stating “the decision was final and that there was no room for discussion.”

In response to the order, male presenters at several prominent news channels in the country have worn masks on-air in solidarity with their female colleagues – an act that prompted the #FreeHerFace campaign among social media users inside and outside the country. In this campaign, social media users have called on the Taliban to remove this restriction on female television presenters.

The Taliban’s recent restriction on women has provoked strong national and international reactions.

Because of this decision, the UN Security Council issued a separate statement, calling on the Taliban regime to remove the imposed restrictions on women.

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