Cabinet, Assigned a Delegation to Assess “Development Plan of Drugs Product”

KABUL (BNA): Presided by Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund prime minister, the cabinet meeting tasked a delegation to assess drug products’ vital “development plan.

Islamic Emirate Cabinet decided that a delegation headed by the Acting Minister of Higher Education, comprising of representatives from the Ministries of Finance and Public Health, the National Academy of Sciences, and the public administration of Food and Drugs, would assess the financial costs, as well to draft a plan for implementation of essential drugs production development.

According to the cabinet decision, the plan will focus on using the country’s natural resources in the production of drugs and be submitted to the next cabinet meeting for approval.

During the meeting, the task force report of the Economic Ministry on solving the transport problems was reviewed. The Economic Commission was tasked to review the plan of the Transport Regulation Commission in order to decode the transport problems.

The Islamic Emirate cabinet meeting on Tuesday also assessed the implementation of the decisions of the economic, political, and administrative commissions and directed the relevant departments to prepare a report on the implementation of the decisions and approvals of the three commissions of the Cabinet and submit it to the administration office Prime Minister.



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