Afghanistan is Not Self-Sufficient in Terms of Wheat Harvest

KABUL (BNA) Finance Ministry has tasked all the country’s customs to prevent the export of wheat abroad, Ahmad Wali Haqmal, spokesman of the Ministry described in detail to the BNA reporter the new policy.

He said Shortages of grain and foodstuffs have become a challenge around the world, and in Afghanistan, which is not self-reliant in wheat storage the wheat prices fall during the wheat harvest season, and some traders misuse the time to collect wheat. and then they export or transport it abroad, that is, when wheat is decreasing in the country, we were again forced to import wheat twice from foreign countries at excessive prices.

Haqmal said: that the management of the Ministry, realizing the issue, ordered all the country’s customs that after this export of wheat is prohibited, even in the form of smuggling, they should not allow anyone to export it and people can use wheat that is currently available in the country.

Regarding the state of the country’s customs, he said that millions of dollars were wasted on understanding the customs revenues in the previous government, but now, despite the fact that the volume of trade has decreased compared to the past, we have good and high revenues.

He said the budget for 1401 has been approved and work is underway on the allocation of the ministry to enter the system its work will be finalized in two days, and I assure you that the process of paying salaries will start within two days.

In regard to the money packages that arrived in Afghanistan, he said that the money, he said that the money did not belong to Afghanistan and that money belonged to the United Nations, went on saying, which is kept in a private bank and later is used by international organizations for the humanitarian aid projects.

The Ministry of Finance, meanwhile, prohibited the export of wheat abroad, stressing that it should not be smuggled. and this has affected global wheat exports.



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