Taliban Kills Two Members of NRF in Andarab Baghlan

The Taliban fighters have killed two members of the National Resistance Front in Baghlan’s Andarab district. The victims’ names are Mohammad Ashraf and Zakaria Andarabi.

They are killed on Sunday, May 22.

These NRF members are shot dead by the Taliban rebels while sleeping.

Taliban members have not yet commented on the matter.

Andarab district in Baghlan province is one of the areas where the clashes have been ongoing over the last couple of weeks. Recently, the Taliban fighters have carried out the forced displacement of many of the Andarab residents. This move of the Taliban is condemned on both national and international levels.

With respect to reports on violations of human rights by Taliban rebels in different parts of the country, Mr. Bennett has traveled to Afghanistan to document the on-ground realities of human rights violations in Afghanistan.

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