Reactions to remarks of Taliban’s deputy minister of foreign affairs

After several months of isolation the Taliban deputy minister of foreign affairs, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, came back in Kabul, and yesterday delivered his speech which provoked bitter reactions.

A number of people say that Stanikzai said the words that Taliban leaders lied to the people about them in past nine months.

The Taliban deputy minister of foreign affairs denies his responsibility because of his disagreement with the Taliban acting foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, and yesterday criticized the ongoing situation in Afghanistan.

“If we want to govern, we must govern the hearts of people, because it is impossible to govern the heads,” he said.

Stanikzai criticizing the Taliban that have not allowed girls to go school said that according to Islamic Shria the girls humanitarian and Islamic right of education must be respected.

Unlike other Taliban leader, deputy foreign minister of Taliban criticized the current economic situation, and added that the migration of citizens to neighboring countries shows the bad economic situation.

He also criticized the Taliban for not gaining the Afghanistan seat at the UN and at OIC.

A number of citizens and Taliban members supported the remarks of Abbas Stanikzai, and even some said that it is the realization of current situation by this member of Taliban.

But a journalist, Samiullah Yusufzai, reacting to the remarks of Stanikzai said, “Well done to Stanikzai that expressed his own idea, but it does not mean that Taliban have changed their stance towards women and are ready to engage with the world.”

In the meantime, ex-program director and spokesman of national security council, Kabir Haqmal, said that Stanikzai is a “vicious” enemy of Afghanistan’s people.

He said that Stanikzai offered the scheme for the collapse of Afghanistan’s security forces, and his “tricky words” are not of importance.

The remarks came as nine months after Taliban’s domination the economic situation has worsened, no country has recognized their government, the girls above grade sixth are not allowed to go to school, and the current conflict is turning into an ethnic conflict in Afghanistan.

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