Polio vaccine campaign to be rolled out in western provinces

More than one million children are expected to receive polio vaccinations in the fourth round of the current campaign which is set to start on Monday in the western provinces of Afghanistan.
According to public health ministry officials, vaccination teams will go from house-to-house and vaccinate children under the age of five.
“Necessary preparations have been made in Herat and the western area for the implementation of the polio campaign and the necessary training has been given to the employees; approximately 5,000 employees [are involved] in the implementation, monitoring and care of the polio campaign,” said Mohammad Asif Kabir, Herat Deputy Minister of Public Health.
“Our goal in Herat province is [to reach] 710,000 children under the age of five, for whom we have to apply the vaccine, which fortunately we achieved in the previous campaign, and we hope to achieve this in this period as well,” said Abdul Wahid Rahmani, head of the vaccination program in Herat.
The Herat Department of Public Health says that in this province alone, 710,000 children are to be vaccinated against polio, while in Badghis, about 180,000 children will be vaccinated.
“In this round, the campaign targets 180,489 children, and we try not to leave any children out in this campaign,” said Mohammad Asif Qant, Badghis Public Health Director.
Thousands of children will also be reached in Ghor province.
“The campaign will be carried out to all parts of Ghor and from house-to-house, and fortunately there are no obstacles in our way,” said Fazulhaq Farjad, head of the polio vaccine program in Ghor.The post Polio vaccine campaign to be rolled out in western provinces first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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