The honeymoon period of Taliban is over: Pakistan Today

Pakistan Today, a Pakistani newspaper, citing to recent meeting of political figures in Turkey, where they agreed to form the Supreme Council of Resistance to Save Afghanistan, said that the Taliban probably never had a honeymoon period, but if they did, it is now definitely over.

According to Pakistan Today, the formation of Supreme Council of National Resistance in Ankara, in a meeting of 40 leading figures of Afghanistan, at the invitation of veteran leader Abdul Rashid Dostum, projects that anti-Taliban figures are coming together.

“The Taliban government, instead of working to fulfil its pledges to the international community, seems to be bent on reverting to the past. One of the most egregious recent measures was the imposition of a ban on women uncovering their faces in public, which included a ban on women TV presenters appearing without covering their faces,” Pakistan Today added.

This Pakistani newspaper added that the abolition of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) is another example that Taliban do not keep their promises to the world.

Pakistan Today referring to Pakistan’s interest in Afghanistan, said, “Pakistan has an interest in Afghanistan, and cannot ignore developments there.”

This newspaper added that Pakistan’s policy is treated as a military issue, not a diplomatic one.

The news comes as, after nine months, Taliban failed to gain international recognition, and right now intense fighting is going on in Panjshir and Andarab.

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