Ankara Meeting: Can the Failed Political Figures Bring Salvation to Afghanistan?

The council of political leaders in Turkey is one of the windows of hope for the people of Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban.

The Taliban’s totalitarian and monopolistic rule over Afghanistan, along with its anti-civil and human rights policies, has made life so intolerable and frustrating that any move against the Taliban will lead to hope for a solution and salvation.

The memories that people have of some figures accused of corruption and embezzlement, and the misuse of the names of the people in their records, have created deep frustrations that do not easily restore the lost trust. People ask: How can we be sure that you have put aside the past behaviors? How can we be sure that you are looking to review and correct your past record and open a page focused on the interests of the people? If successive fractures have become a lesson and forced you to change and correct yourself, what are the signs of this change and what is the evidence for it?

The people, of course, know that the Taliban, the Mujahideen, the remnants of left-wing parties, and ethnic leaders, all of whom are responsible to the current chaotic situation, are part of the contradictory reality of Afghanistan, and they know that eliminating one and unifying another is not the answer. Rather, tolerance and cooperation of different groups is the only solution. But people have found that the catastrophic power struggle has been at the root of the problem for the past hundred years. Because the highest goal that the political groups had set for them was the conquest of Kabul Citadel as the center of power, and now it is time to drop this bloody and completely wrong equation at once.

The power struggle must be replaced by a democratic participation in power. The way is that the qualifications should be decentralized from the citadel and distributed in villages, cities, provinces and zones. A symbolic and powerless organ, as it is in democracies, will not be tempting to anyone. People’s participation in power does not mean the participation of mafia circles, but the promotion of the people’s vote as the main pillar of power, the basic basis of legitimacy and the true determinant of destiny. To do this, it is not enough to change the system from the presidency to the parliament, but it is necessary for the officials to be elected at all levels. The choice should be based neither on ethnocentric approaches nor on ideological slogans, but on programs aimed at improving people’s lives. This is the way to break the insane magic of power in Afghanistan so that no one sheds blood and destroys it.

Now that Afghanistan is stuck in one of its historical deadlocks and the Taliban rulers do not have the capacity to establish a legitimate system, it is time to lay the foundations for a new system that ends crises and ensures the beginning of a sustainable peace and stability. For this legitimate demand, however, if the Taliban obeys the will of the people, there is no choice but to resort to all means of pressure, including armed resistance, but this, as a stand against oppression and repression, becomes a national and religious duty.


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