Al Aqsa Mosque Replicate Built-in Kabul

KABUL(BNA) Kabul mayor Mawlawi Abdul Rashid, inaugurated an Islamic and historical replicate ‘Al Aqsa mosque” in Kampani of Kabul.

The Al Aqsa Mosque replicate was built in the 5th district police of Kabul by Municipality between Paghman-Chahardehi in Kampani Square.

Addressing the occasion participated by many Kabul municipal officials and Kabul citizens, Mawlawi Rashid, Kabul Mayor, said the leadership strives to preserve the values, historical, cultural, and Islamic heritage, adding the administration has many plans that will be implemented step by step.

The mayor of Kabul noted that these programs are launched to preserve and revive the original Afghan and Islamic culture in Kabul, and to bring a positive change in the image of Kabul.

He invited officials of Cultural Affairs to be pioneers in building such cultural and Islamic decorations tombs.

The tomb of Al Aqsa mosque is based on Islamic and historical values ​​and preservation of the cultural heritage of Kabul city, the mosque built in less than two months, with 17 meters long and 9 meters high, and as well as wihtin a standard design.

The replicate decorated with lights’ design and has a capacity of 170 worshipers at a time.

The Al Aqsa tomb Mosque is said to be the second oldest in the world, According to Islamic belief, the Dome of the Rock contained the first Qibla or direction towards which Muslims prayed.


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