Afghanistan needs an inclusive government: Pakistan

Pakistan’s special representative for Afghanistan, Mohammed Sadiq Khan, said that Afghanistan needs an inclusive government.

Sadiq Khan in a two-day Pak-Afghan Religious Scholars Conference organized by Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) in Islamabad discussed mutual concerning areas of the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan and strengthen the overall relationship.

He said that it is true that the Taliban are trying to address uphill challenges with scanty resources and lack of institutions, but ameliorating them in an inclusive manner, given different perspectives and opinions, would be much better for the future of Afghanistan.

Sadiq Khan reiterated that Pakistan will continue to support Afghanistan, especially in health sector.

Representative of Pakistan for Afghanistan added that in this regard, Pakistan has already constructed three big hospitals in Afghanistan which has received an overwhelming response with efforts already being made to ensure at least the next 12 months of salaries and medicines needed to run them smoothly.

“We are also considering sending some NGOs to Afghanistan as part of our continued humanitarian assistance,” Khan added.

It is worth mentioning that after Taliban’s domination, different countries around the globe have urged the formation of an inclusive government, but Taliban believe that their government is an inclusive one.

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