Taliban Seizes an Illegal Depot of Weapons in Herat Province

Kabul – The Taliban had launched house-to-house search operations across the country for the purpose of collecting weapons a few months ago in order to prevent and take precautions against any means of an uprising against them.

Now, local sources in Herat province have reported that the Taliban has seized a depot of weapons and ammunition from one of their commanders named Mehdi Zaie who had kept them illegally in the province.

Previously, this commander was an active member of the Taliban in Herat, and during heavy clashes between the former government security forces and the Taliban in the province, he was responsible for leading the front battle lines in the province.

Since the collapse of the previous government, Mehdi Zaie had collected all the weapons and ammunition from the houses of the ex-government officials and had stored them in his depot.

It is said that this Taliban commander has escaped to Iran after being revealed to the Taliban on keeping an illegal depot of weapons.

The ammunition depot is seized from this Taliban commander during house-to-house search operations.

Taliban have detained and tortured several innocent civilians on alleged charges of possessing weapons.

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