Restrictions on girls’ education must be lifted: Carlsen

Head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), Isabelle Moussard Carlsen said that the schoolgirls and university students of today are the doctors, midwives, teachers, and engineers of tomorrow, and restrictions on their education must be lifted.

Carlsen on arrival of International Nurses Day expressed her concern over the closure of girls’ schools and restrictions on them.

“Access to secondary and tertiary education for girls and women is both a human rights issue and a concrete necessity for the future of all Afghans,” head of UNOCHA added.

It is mentionable that Taliban closed the schools for girls above grade sixth in Afghanistan after their domination. This act of them elicited bitter internal and international reactions.

Taliban have repeatedly emphasized that they are working on a scheme to reopen schools for girls.

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