Kuchis Plunder Property and Harass the Residents in Nahur District, Ghazni Province

Residents of Khawat, Yakhshi and Mirbacha villages in the Nahur district of Ghazni province have complained of being harassed by Taliban-backed nomads – also known as Kuchis.

According to locals, the advance of the nomads to central Afghanistan – also known as the Hazarajat – has made life difficult for the local residents.

“These days, Pashtun nomads, along with their herds, are advancing toward Nahur’s Khawat village,” said Alireza, a resident of Nahur. “And have taken over the grasslands of the Hazara people, through which the peoples’ annual livelihoods are being provided,” he added.

According to locals, a dispute broke out yesterday between residents of the Yakhshi village and nomads.

Dasht-e Gola is another agricultural area of ​​the people of Nahur, which is witnessing the advance of nomads these days.

Ali Askar, a resident of the area, expressed concern about the advancement of “armed nomads” on agricultural lands and the coercion of Taliban-backed nomads.

On the other hand, some residents of Nahur district say that the nomads are being backed by the Taliban, stressing that they have ordered the residents of several villages in this district to leave their homes as soon as possible. It is also said that one-fifth of the income of the last 40 years must be submitted to the nomads. According to locals, nomads have claimed ownership of the land after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

In addition, local sources further add that nomads are all armed and usually open irresponsible fires against the villagers. There area cases that they have killed, tortured and injured many villagers. According to local sources, armed nomads in the district have repressed, used violence and killed people, forcing locals to flee.

“In the villages of Qash Imran and Bukhara, people have been shot by Taliban-backed Kuchis and families have been forced to flee their villages,” said a resident. “Five people are injured in the shooting in the village of Qash Imran and one in the village of Bukhara.”

Long ago, Mehdi Rasikh, a former member of parliament, also spoke about the usurpation of the lands and pastures of the people of Behsud and Ghazni by the nomads.

The situation is similar in some villages of Malistan and Jaghori districts of Ghazni province. Although locals have repeatedly approached local Taliban officials in the districts to address the issues, but the Taliban has no intention to resolve the issue. The residents believe that the Taliban have done the opposite and the nomads have become more aggressive.


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