Iran is Ready to Invest in Afghan Agribusiness Sectors

KABUL (BNA) Iran’s Ambassador Bahador Aminian to Kabul in a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture said his country is ready to invest in agribusiness in Afghanistan.

A meeting partly focused on bilateral ties, drug trafficking, Afghan refugees struggling with challenges in Iran, and sides effect cooperation between two countries took place on Monday at the headquarters s of the Afghan Agriculture Ministry, said the Ministry in a statement to Bakhtar News Agency.

Iran’s ambassador in Kabul said Afghanistan is a good market for agricultural products for Iran.

Adding that about $8 billion of the country’s money is currently spent on agricultural and livestock products from international and continents countries.

In case Afghanistan provides all those products needed Iran would be the big customer of the products, he said during the meeting, quoting the Ministry.

In the meantime, Mawlawi Sader Azam Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Ministry of, Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is ready for cooperation and provision of facilities in various sectors.

Earlier, the Iranian ambassador to Kabul met with Mawlawi Abdul Rahman Rashid, Acting Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Minister, and said that his country is ready for cooperation, and investment in Afghan Agriculture.

Ambassador Aminian stressed the need for Afghanistan’s agriculture and livestock to change from traditional to advance modern nowadays equipment.

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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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