Increase in Helmand Breshna Sherkat Revenue

LASHKARGAH (BNA) The statistics diagram shows an increase in the revenue collection of the Breshna Sherkat office in Helmand province since the mid-August of last year, said a press release by the department.

Nearly, thirty million and seventy thousand Afghanis were collected in revenue from understanding electricity savings in Helmand, added the press release.

Engineer Wahidullah Alizai, Helmand Deputy Chief of Operations, said to Bakhtar News Agency, “during each course, 2-3 million afghanis in Helmand electricity savings revenues have been collected,”.

Referring to the existence of widespread corruption in the past in the Helmand district administration said that now the bases of corruption are closed and all proceeds are handed over to the central bank.

Reports show that some commercial companies and factories, along with the powerful officials, have been reluctant to pay their electricity bills, while in the ruling of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, everyone willingly paid their electricity bills.

Helmand Deputy Chief of Operations asked citizens to save their electricity on time.

He said perpetrators and long-term creditors would be dealt with legally.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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