The Dark Shaded Future and Ambiguous Fate of Afghanistan’s Universities and Educational System

The university is a modern phenomenon from which human knowledge elevates to wider horizons and sparks a new vision and attitude through research and studies. Questioning and performing research to answer the questions is fundamental to academic works, and for doing so, one has to transcend boundaries in order to make new discoveries possible. The university tries to remove petrification from the field of human consciousness and restore its dynamism and prosperity. The measurable changes that are being observed in human life today are all more or less due to the institution of the university. It was the university that enabled humans to think beyond the planet earth and opened the door to space and made it easy to move to the other side of the solar system, making the farthest corners of the universe accessible to our eyes and ears.

Universities in underdeveloped and developing countries are used and viewed very differently. The institutions of power and power practitioners that love political domination have turned universities into strongholds of their ideological beliefs in order to eliminate critical thinking and research from the curriculum of the university. They have turned universities into non-dynamic and low-quality institutions. Yet; despite the restrictions imposed by the extremist ideological power practitioners, the university is still considered to be an enabling ground to bridge the societies to development of today’s world and human’s achievements. Therefore, the institution of the university deserves to be defended and praised in comparison with the classical educational institutions.

The Medieval Educational System, experienced and practiced by the Taliban and priests in Europe, views the university as the system’s and their ideology’s enemy and try to fight against the university education. They have used education to build blocks so as to protect their ideological believes and thoughts. Unlike, medieval school of thoughts that is based on ideology and blind believes, University education is based on logics and research. It accepts and propose the facts based on proofs and study results that significantly contradicts and questions the scope of medieval education that has never been competent enough to produce knowledge to resolved a problem in human society.

The main scope and mission of ideological school thoughts (medieval education) is to institutionalize and promote false pride and the illusion of knowledge and enable the ground for  the confession of and promotion of ignorance. What relation can be found between university education and the medieval education with such a scope? University, for the ideological rulers has always been a problematic phenomenon, which enables the ground for critical thinkers to question the rulers and monitor their moves.

With respect to this fact, university has always been out of the priorities in this country. Now with the rise of the false ideological radicals in power that are missioned to demolish the infrastructures of the country that root with the university, the university would experience its darkest era of time in comparison to any other period.

Taliban is very rigorously brainwashed to oppose any value that favors today’s modern era. They are missioned to fights against university education and freedom of thoughts. The fate of education is very vague and university in Afghanistan is now in control of a brainwashed terrorist group who has placed their feet on education throat to demolish it as much as they can so as to succeed in taking the country backward for centuries. They will pursue their ideological illusions until the grass root of education completely dry up and turn into dandruff. They will do their best to make the university and academic work to promote pseudo-science, not science, something that in the past was called compound ignorance.

These days, there are rumors of very bitter stories from Afghanistan universities: Trained, experienced and highly qualified professors leave the country one after another, those who are unable to immigrate are under pressure and supervision, girls and boys walk in fear, and the university environment is no longer a place to ask and think. The university has become a hotbed of complex and anti-civilization elements, and deserters have conquered it.

It is narrated that the Prophet of Islam was asked: When will the resurrection take place? He replied: When the hungry, illiterate, and poor shepherds get down from the mountains to the downtowns and rule the cities!

Taliban is the exact portray of this narrative. They have been in the mountains for years and have fought the legitimate government based on their false ideology that is injected to their brains at Haqqani Madrasas in Pakistan. They are illiterate and brainwashed and kept ignorant about today’s university that has led the human to think beyond the planet earth.

Closing education doors to girls above sixth grade, applying separate attendance schedule for male and female university students, and increasing number of Saqafat credits with no logic are the clear examples of the Taliban’s strategy of fighting against human development and modern education.



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