Haqqani: About 50 Former Government Officials Have Returned to the Country

Anas Haqqani, a prominent Taliban figure who also serves on the Return and Communications with Former Afghan Officials and Political Figures Commission, recently stated that almost 50 former government officials and political figures have returned to the country.

Although the commission’s approach has not been determined, the senior Taliban member informed TOLOnews that all options for the return of former government officials have been considered.

“We have facilitated the grounds. Many officials who worked as ministers and deputy ministers during the former government, they returned,” he said.

Dialogue with the Taliban, according to some former government political figures, is impossible unless the Taliban respect the people’s will for the regime’s legitimacy and the general election.

Said Ishaq Gailani, the head of National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan, said “Those who have a mind of a politician, they first of all want legitimacy for the government, and then an election …”.

The commission for the Return of Former Afghan Officials and Political Figures, which has not long passed since its establishment, has continuously held meetings and actions in keeping with the commission’s goals.

The commission was established at a time when virtually all former government officials fled, seeking asylum in neighboring countries, Europe, or the United States.

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