MoI Assures Security of Kabul City Gates

KABUL (BNA) Interior Ministry developed security measures at Kabul central city gates for better surveillance, said officials on Thursday.

Officials at the Ministry headquarters said to Bakhtar News Agency “Security personnel safeguarding Kabul main gates the conduct inspection of people and vehicles carefully those who enter from the four main and 9 sub-gates of Kabul in 24 hours for better surveillance.

The source ensured BNA the good behavior of troops against passengers who entered Kabul gates.

Meanwhile, passengers entering gates in Kabul expressed satisfaction over the good behavior of the security.

Military experts also stress precise inspections of city gates and checkpoints, which is an essential element toward security preservation.

Simultaneously the Ministry of Interior arrested three drug smugglers with eight Kilo germs of drugs from the city gates of Herat province.



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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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