Clashes Escalate in Different Parts of Panjshir Province

Kabul – It has been for four days that the clashes have been escalated in different parts of Panjshir province between the Taliban and Resistance Front forces, sources have reported.

In the last two days, the Taliban have deployed thousands of fresh fighters in Panjshir, as reported.

The newly deployed fighters are all from Pashtun-dominated provinces such as Kandahar and from eastern provinces.

Last night, the Resistance Front forces killed and injured nearly 100 Taliban fighters in an ambush while the Taliban were trying to enter Dara Abdullah khail district from Sar-e- Hawz area of ​​Hesarak district.

For the past four days of clashes, in addition to casualties of NRF, civilians are also martyred.

Taliban’s war strategy in Panjshir is a clear ethnic cleansing move. Taliban is arming the Pashtun ethnic; while, all the other ethnicities are disarmed.

For the purpose of disarming the others, the Taliban launched a massive house-to-house search operation across the country at the beginning of the spring season. While there are reports of arming the people in eastern and southern provinces that are mainly Pashtun-dominated provinces.

Simultaneously, the Taliban have been playing politics and never approves the claims and always denies the claims of violations of human rights and war crimes being committed by the group members across the country.

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