Forming an inclusive government key to ‘lasting security’ in AFG: Hassan Kazemi Qomi

Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, said that formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan is the key to lasting security and stability in Afghanistan.

Qomi said that Iran has hosted 6 to 7 million immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the imposed war.

Mr. Qomi in an interview with Mehr News Agency said that in spite of all the difficult conditions, including military threats, war, and economic sanctions, Afghan immigrants has enjoyed the same situation as Iranian citizens.

He pointing to 4 million Afghan immigrants who live in Iran, added that today most educated Afghans live in Iran.

Mr Qumi referring to the recent propaganda aiming to darken Kabul-Tehran relations said that Americans’ policies have failed in the region, they seek to tarnish relations between Iran and Afghanistan.

“what is important is that the will of Iran to help Afghans is to make their country flourish,” he added.

He emphasized that the more Afghanistan flourishes and the more Iran-Afghanistan cooperation develops, it will be in the interest of both countries.

“If security is restored in Afghanistan, the migration flood will also decrease, and Afghanistan will fight against terrorism and occupier strongly,” Qomi underlined.

The news comes as the world has urged the Taliban to form an inclusive government with presence of all ethnic groups to be recognized, but Taliban have repeatedly said that their government is an inclusive one.

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