A New school Building Inaugurate in Center of Bamyan

BAMYAN (BNA) “Imam Mohammad Baqer” a primary school building, which located in Sadat valley of Bamian Center inaugurated in the presence of Bamyan governor and put into exploitation on Tuesday.

Abdullah Sarhadi, Governor of Bamyan, while appreciating Japan assistance said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan hasten the growth of education and striving for the expansion of schools, hospitals and factories in accordance with the standards.

“Build a new world across the country to create transparency and balanced progress throughout the country”, he added.

Every male and female should equiped with weapons of science and knowledge and prophetic ethics and all of us consist of scholars, elders, father and mothers should motivate students for learning of science of the day and and Islamic ideological rules.He said.

Education is god gifted and it will realize in a secure space.He added.

local official in Bamyan told BNA “the school build in finanical support of Japan, has six classrooms, decorated with seats and desks, two office rooms, five booths, a playground, and an electrical system.

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