Which countries have accepted Taliban’s diplomats so far, and why?

Apparently, Taliban’s leaders are looking for international recognition instead of internal acceptancy eight months after their domination. Unlike their first rule, no country has recognized them up to now. But some countries have accepted their diplomats because of their past and current hostility and competition with the West as well as their interest in the future.

During the first rule of Taliban just Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates had recognized their government, no Western countries had recognized them until the collapse of their goverment dating back in 2001, and Afghansitan’s seat at the UN were recognized under Burhanuddin Rabbani’s government.

An agreeable government was expected to form in accordance with Doha Agreement between Taliban and the US so that it would be recognized by the world. But escaping of Ashraf Ghani, not formation of an inclusive government, and Taliban’s deeds caused the non-recognition of their goverment by world in particular the US and the West.

The Taliban have sought recognition with several approaches which have not been fruitful yet.

Imran Khan and Pakistan’s blatant lobbying, the Taliban’s different and favorable policy than their first rule (at least in the early days of domination) and recently their proximity to US and Western enemies and rivals did not seem to work. Up to now no country has given the green light to them regarding their recognition.

Why the Taliban’s government recognition by the world, in particular the West is of importance?

Taliban cannot stabilize their rule in the future without internal and international legitimacy. Because governance without the world cooperation and direct economic aid is not possible, additionally their opponents would be encouraged to assume power resorting to force. Taliban without internal and international legitimacy would be recognized as a group which has taken the power forcibly, and others will try their way as well.

But why five countries have accepted Taliban’s diplomats?


Islamabad had recognized the Taliban goverment in their first rule, and in past 20 years Pakistan was a safe haven of Taliban. This time although Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi lobbied for Taliban’s government recognition, but Islamabad refused to recognize it. Pakistan for its long-term interest and existence of some Taliban leaders’ families in this country, has accepted the Taliban diplomat as head of Afghansitan’s embassy there.


Islamic Republic of Iran unlike the first rule of Taliban which had hostile relations with the Taliban, now has chosen a different direction from its regional rival, Saudi Arabia, and established close relationship with them.

Iran could not tolerate the presence of the US in one of its neighboring countries, that is why sometimes the people used to say about Iran’s support of Taliban, and even the establishment of “Mashad Council”, the issue that Tehran had rejected repeatedly.

But most recently the Islamic Republic has accepted several Taliban’s diplomats, and does not consider it as a means of recognizing their regime. The Islamic Republic has apparently given the green light for a friendly relationship with the Taliban using a utilitarian approach and moving along the China-Russia political line. But considering the “anti-Shiite” mentality of some Taliban leaders, commanders and fighters, it is unclear how long this subsidy will last. The Islamic Republic of Iran used to support anti-Taliban resistance led by Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman, Saeed Khatibzada, said the exchange of diplomats between Afghanistan and Iran is compatible with international conventions and has nothing to do with recognition. He added the decision is for embassy’s affairs, and recognition has its own way, which Taliban must gain it by taking up steps responsibily.


Russia did not have close relations with Taliban, and resistance front was recognized as the ally of that country. But this time, because of the anti-Taliban commanders’ closeness to the United States and the West, the Kremlin has pursued a policy of friendship with the Taliban, and even some talk about its support of Taliban back in past years. There had even been reports that Russia paid the Taliban commanders to kill US troops in Afghanistan. An issue that Moscow had rejected. Russia has now accepted a Taliban diplomat.


According to the US security strategy, Beijing is a strategic enemy of that country, perhaps one of the main reasons for its support and acceptance of a Taliban diplomat in Beijing is that issue. But the Chinese have forged close ties with the Taliban for years, it can be based on enmity with the US, China’s fear of Uighur insurgents near the Afghan border, China’s brotherhood with Pakistan, and its need for mines of Afghansitan are reasons for its support of Taliban.


Ashgabat, as one of the most closed countries in the world, has established friendly relations with the Taliban, both in the past and now. Although Turkmenistan has declared a policy of neutrality, the roots of its long-standing ties with the Taliban and its fear of the spread of extremism have brought Ashgabat closer to the Taliban.

Does accepting a diplomat cure the “pain of the Taliban”?

Although the Taliban consider current situation as a “silent recognition” and a diplomatic success, it does not seem that the current situation can cure the “pain of the Taliban” without a regional and global consensus. Because the survival of the Taliban regime without the financial and political support of the West seems difficult.

Lastly, it seems that Taliban are struggling for international recognition so that they have forgotten internal legitimacy. Taliban must seek internal legitimacy before any kind of legitimacy, otherwise there pain will be incurable and they will go to a wrong direction.

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