High Member of ISIS Group Arrested in Balkh

MAZAR-E-SHARIF (BNA) A high rank member of ISIS group arrested in Balkh.

In a special operation by security forces, Abdul Hamid Sangaryar, the former governor in charge of organizing ISIS attacks in Balkh, has been arrested on late thursday.

Security forces have been pursuing this high rank member ISIS for months.

Sangryar managed to escape from the clutches of the soldiers several times until he was finally trapped.

Security source from Balkh confirmed the arrest of this member of ISIS in contact with BAN.

He said that Abdul Hamid Sangryar, the former governor, was responsible for organizing ISIS attacks in Balkh.

Sangryar member of the ISIS is accused of committing Several ISIS attacks in Balkh Province.

Lately an attack in shitte Mosque killed and wounded dozens of our civilians, meanwhile security forces arrested this high rank member of ISIS group in Balkh.

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