The UN and US Strongly Condemn Attacks on Students in West of Kabul

Kabul – The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned the attacks on Abdul Rahim Shahid High School in western Kabul on Tuesday that martyred at least 30 school students.

Mr. Guterres has further emphasized that targeting civilians is a war crime and is extremely prohibited by international laws.

The US State Department has also called the targeting of civilians an act of cruelty, emphasizing that the perpetrators of the blasts must be punished.

On Tuesday, April 19, as a result of consecutive explosions at Abdul Rahim Shahid High School and Mumtaz Educational Center in the west of Kabul, Hazara dominated area; dozens of students were killed and injured.

The number of causalities so far crosses 50, based on the reports received from the local sources.

To miss guide the world, the Taliban did not allow the media to cover the incident and they have ordered the hospitals and media to miss report the causalities.

With the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban, the only hope for citizens was an improvement in the security situation, but it seems like the hope will remain no more than a dream.

West Kabul is a Hazara-dominated area that has been under brutal attacks for the last two decades, by the republic government and Taliban since August 2021.

Taliban, using the ISIS label used to launch human tragic attacks on Hazara community in Kabul, on highways between the provinces and center of the cities across the country. The many ethnic cleansing attacks that the Taliban used to claim responsibility for include suicide-bombing attacks on Mawod Educational Institute in August 2018, car loaded suicide attack on Sayed Shuhada Girls School in May 2021, and an attack on a maternity hospital in Dasht-e-Barchi are three out of many attacks on Hazara community on May 12, 2020.

During the past two decades, the Taliban used to claim the responsibility for every attack on Hazara community, but since August 2021 when the rebels are in power, the attacks on Hazara community is being claimed by ISKP who are the same group but in different cover and label.

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