Thousands Family Benefited Humanitarian Assistance in Kunduz

KUNDUZ (BNA) Two thousand families in two districts of Kunduz received food aid.

Mohammad Shafi’ Hejrat, director general of the Northeastern constituency, told BNA that food has been distributed to 2,000 needy families in Dasht-e-Archi and Qala-e-Zal districts of Kunduz.

The donations were made by Afghan Red Crescent, which includes 8 pens, and for each family, 50kg bag of flour, two 5-liters of cooking oil, 24Kg rice, 7kg beans, 5kg sugar, a kilo of tea, 2kg salt. and a packet of biscuits has been distributed.Hejrat added

The head of the Northeast Headquarters added that the aid had distributed to families affected by the drought.

Meanwhile, two beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for the Kunduz Community Aid, adding that it would alleviate some of their families’ economic problems.

It must be said that in the near future, the Kunduz Head Office will distribute food aid to another 500 needy families in Kunduz.

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