Taliban Rebels Publicly Humiliate a Shiite Traveler for Not Fasting in Ghor

The Taliban has reportedly tortured a Hazara Shiite traveler in the city of Firuzkuh, the capital of Ghor province, for not fasting during Ramadan. According to locals and eyewitnesses, the Taliban rebels arrested the man, while having lunch at a restaurant. He was humiliated in the public in the center of Feruzkuh Bazar.

In Shiite Islam, a person can break his/her fast while traveling a certain distance during Ramadan. Taliban fighters apparently do not understand the differences in Islamic jurisprudences, or maybe they are intentionally persecuting minorities.

According to the source, the Taliban put a plate in the person’s mouth, humiliating him, publicly, in the city after arresting him for not fasting.

Pictures provided to Hasht-e Subh show that his hands are tied behind his back and a plate is placed in his mouth. Taliban rebels uses such humiliation in the public so as to make an example for the rest of the public.

According to Shiite jurisprudence, any traveler who intends to travel up to a distance of 40-45 kilometers can break his fast.

Taliban rebels are very uneducated that cannot differentiate between different sects of Islam. They have been educated in the Haqqani Madarasas in Pakistan. Taliban’s influential figures like Sirajuddin Haqqani cannot read a verse of the holy book correctly, what can be expected from their soldiers who are trained to torture and kill only.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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