Illiterate Taliban Fighters and Affiliates to Obtain School and University Graduation Certificates and Degrees

Officials at the Education Directorate in Takhar province have reported that groups of clerics and ordinary Taliban affiliates are referring to the respective Directorate to obtain school graduation certificates on the basis of uncertified credentials from religious schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

An employee at the Education Directorate in Takhar province told Hasht-e Subh, on the condition of anonymity, that the Taliban’s Ministry of Education has promised their fighters and affiliates that it will grant them school and university graduation certificates and degrees on the basis of their cleric background from Pakistani terrorist training Madrasas, usually of the graduates from Haqqani Madrasa Network. Taliban fighters are instructed by their seniors to register their names at the provincial respective department. They are promised to be issued graduation certificates after passing a simple assessment specific to their cleric education background.  He further adds that the process has been going on across Afghanistan for the past several months now. Several illiterate Taliban fighters have now obtained gradation certificates that are planned to be deployed in different parts of the country as teachers and government clerks.

Bashir Ahmad, a teacher in northern Takhar, says the he knows a mullah – an ordinary cleric with basic education from Pakistani Madaras who is now trying to obtain graduation certificates from the Directorate of Education in Takhar province.

Afghanistan is the only country on the earth where illiterates with affiliation to a particular ethnic has been ruling on the educated population segment of the society.

With the takeover the country by a total illiterate terror group, it is not out of imagination that illiterates will be graduated and replace the education government clerks.

According to Bashir Ahmad, the Director of Education in Takhar has promised all his fellow clerics with primary cleric education from Pakistani Madrasas that he would grant them all with school graduation certificate in the near future.

The teacher says that the consequences of such an unprofessional action in the future will lead to widespread corruptions and the disruption of the entire education system. At the same time, this move will build certain barriers for those university graduates in finding jobs and employment.

Not very far, in the every near future, we can expect that the university graduates will be doing the manual labors’ job and uneducated Taliban rebels will doing the office clerical assignments which not only negatively affect the system, but the system will collapse.

Sayed Jawad Mobasher, a Civil Society Activist in Takhar, says that the motives and strategies behind these corrupt initiative by Taliban leadership is to  accommodate their own affiliates which can lead to a total demolish of the education sector in soft manner. According to him, Taliban will very easily institutionalize extremism ideologies in the country with the strategy of occupying education sectors in the country.

The civil activist adds that recruiting Pakistani extremist and uneducated clerics is destroying progress and religious moderation in Islamic society like Afghanistan. This is a very dangerous and strategic moves being directed and dictated from the other side of the borders. These replacements, particularly in education sectors are affiliated with the Pakistan agencies.

The Civil Society Activist believe that that Taliban are missioned to replace our modern religious teaching schools that of extremist religious ideologies being injected from Haqqani madrasas in Pakistan. He further emphasizes that by employing these clerics in the education sector, the country will practically move toward violence, savagery and crime for decades to come. Therefore, this practice must be stopped immediately and the position of spirituality and religious moderation in the country’s educational system must be maintained.

Hasht-e Subh reporter tried to have the views of the Taliban’s Director for Education Directorate in Takhar on these allegations, but could not reach him.

The Ministry of Education in control of Taliban rebels has decided to issue graduation certificates and degrees to its fighters and affiliates. Any one who can read and write simply his name would be granted 12th/High Grade School Certificate, Mullah will be granted Bachelor’s Degree, and Malawi will receive Master’s Degree with passing a simple examination regulated by an illiterate member of Taliban.

This is happening while the Taliban have closed the education doors to girls on the basis of their vague and false religion arguments. On the first day of their entrance to Kabul in August 2021, they closed all the education doors to boys and girls.

In response to the world’s reactions to their decision of closing the education doors, the Taliban reopened the doors to boys but not girls. The rebels had promised that the education doors would be re-opened to girls in the spring of the year 1401 (the beginning of the school year in Afghanistan).

In contrast, Taliban have backtracked on their commitment in the very last minutes arguing that girls’ uniforms are not aligned with Islamic values, saying that education doors to girls would remain closed until a plan is drawn up in accordance with Islamic law for them to reopen.

The U-turn in the Taliban’s decision has taken many by surprise, leaving students in tears and drawing condemnation from humanitarian agencies, human rights groups, and diplomats at a time when the Taliban administration is seeking international recognition.



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