Clashes in Khost, Baghlan: Taliban Cuts Off Telecommunication Networks

Locals provided information to Hasht-e Subh, indicating that clashes among Taliban fighters and NRF Forces in the Khost district of Baghlan province have taken place.

According to independent sources, the Taliban’s Acting Deputy Defense Minister, Mullah Fazel Mazlum has gathered Taliban’s reserved forces from northern Badakhshan and Takhar provinces and has deployed them to Baghlan in order to fight the NRF forces.

The source further states that the Taliban have cut off telecommunication channels in the area, adding that the Taliban have carried out operations on the villages and rural areas. The fight still continues.

Family members of the Taliban soldiers from Uzbek and Tajik ethnic groups who had been deployed in Baghlan claim that they are not aware of their sons’ whereabouts and destiny. Taliban leadership in the area had call on them to attend a consultation meeting, but they are deployed to battlefields, the source further added.

The Taliban rebels in the area have launched aggressive house-to-house searches operations in the villages of Takhar as well.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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