Aqina Railway Corridor Port 4 and 5 to Opens

KABUL (BNA) Islamic Emirate delegates led by Mullah Bakht-u-Rehman Sharafat, the head of Afghanistan Railways Department met with the Special Representative of the President of Uzbekistan, Mr. Esmat Aka, and Afghan students, on Wednesday.

The meeting focused on accelerating railway concerns, better management, increasing transfers from Central Asia, increasing exports and imports, and developing the capacity of railway stations.

Based on reports: the meeting decided to activate stations port 4 and port 5 in the city of Mazar, Hairatan port in the near Future

Same, the Uzbekistan sides expressed satisfaction with the Ministry of Interior’s responsibility for securing the project, and the start of work and security of the Trans-Afghanistan project were taken into the discussion.

The delegation also met with Afghan-Uzbek University students. the problems and demands of the students were heard and promised to address their problems

Lately, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan sent a delegation to Uzbekistan to discuss the opening of port 4 and port 5 of Aqina trade railway stations.

Aqina Railway is a long 30km corridor Between Aqina-Andkhoy the railway branch connected with the railway system of Turkmenistan is part of the Asian International Railway Transport Corridor.


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